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Welcome To The New Textboard (9)

1 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Wed Apr 18 21:58:45 2018 ID:hQgINoLA [Del]

For the nth time. No one will probably use this bloody thing but it will still be here regardless.

Enjoy your stay.

2 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Wed Apr 18 22:04:08 2018 ID:hQgINoLA [Del]

Banned users are technically reset from the previous incarnations on by the way. Not that those banned users care anyways. :^)

3 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Fri Jul 6 20:58:27 2018 ID:hQgINoLA [Del]

Changed where the root directory is for this board, hopefully that fixes all the breakage.

This also means you can get to here from too. :^)

4 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Fri Jul 6 21:00:01 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

Actually I'm going to just make redirect instead.

5 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Sat Jul 7 15:22:21 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

Thread bump just to get this above the second test thread (which is now closed).

I wonder when might be the next time Kareha manages to break itself again.

6 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Sun Jul 8 17:34:01 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

Added a fairly quick color swap to the CSS options, Gallium, which is basically Mercury but green (and I really really like green).

7 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Thu Jul 12 14:49:05 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

6 days since Kareha last broke on me, things are looking bright. :^)

8 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Mon Jul 16 17:50:02 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

Well over a full week now. I'll probably close this thread at some point.

9 Name: tale!8EpHWQZrng!!S/cfLqUk : Tue Aug 7 15:02:53 2018 ID:77MspsU5 [Del]

Locking the thread now. :^)

This thread has been closed. You cannot post in this thread any longer.

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